Themed Tours

TravelTales specializes in customized group tours for special interest groups. Whatever your client's passion, we’ll find you the perfect venues, museums, enterprises, regions or other components to make your tour unique and memorable.

We create memorable experiences based on:

  • Music themed itineraries: Classical or traditional, Greece has a rich past and a vibrant present. Learn the traditional instruments and get familiar with different types of music from across the country, or participate in one of the numerous festivals held in cities or right next to the beach.

  • Culinary itineraries: TravelTales’ tours will delight discerning palates: Let your clients explore the wines of Northern Greece, taste the agricultural products of Central Greece, get lost in the food markets of Athens, walk along the orange tree fields of the Peloponnese, smell the sea of the fresh caught fish in the Aegean islands.

  • Leisure: Greece has one of the longest in the world, almost 16.000km (9,900 mi), coastline. Your clients can stretch their legs in the sun, enjoy hotels of international standards and combine them with short tours to the highlights of the country.
  • Single groups: TravelTales can suggest the ideal destination for your singles group, where they can discover the beauties of the region, come close to the locals and their daily life and party as much as they want.

  • Bird watching itineraries: Greece is a fine place for birding and the majority of its 196 Important Bird Areas are largely unexplored. Get advantage of TravelTales local experts to organize a tour full of the reach flora and fauna along with some great sites of Greece.